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5 Tips to Impress Home Buyers

Selling your home? Here are a few quick tips to help catch the attention of prospective buyers.

1. Lighten up- A bright home appears to be more welcoming then one then a dark one. Taking down drapes, using light colored lampshades, and even replacing florescent bulbs with brighter incandescents.

2. Satisfy their sense of smell- No one wants to buy a home that smells like a gym bag. Make your home smell welcoming to prospective buyers. Add scented candles, potpourri, or even bake a apple pie before buyers pop by.

3. Declutter- Every prospective buyer will look at your home and picture their stuff in it, from art pictures to large pieces of furniture. If your space is full of knick-knacks and clutter they will not be able to do so.

4. Create curb appeal- First impressions count. Make sure your home stands out by clearing your front yard of weeds and leaves. Seal cracks in the driveway, and repair patio stones. The more a buyer likes the outside the more excited they will be to see the inside.

5. Be ready to show your space- Keeping your home neat and tidy will eliminate trying to pull off the last minute quick clean. Keeping the carpets clean and dishes put away means your house is always welcoming and appealing to prospective buyers.