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FAQ: Short Sales

What is a foreclosure? A foreclosure occurs when the bank reposes the property from the home owner due to non-payment of the mortgage. What is a loan modification? A loan modification is a change in one or more of the…

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Benefits of a Short Sale

FORECLOSURE VS. SHORT SALE Homeowner Consequences The Distressed Property Institute, LLC assumes no responsibility nor guarantees the accuracy of this document. The Distressed Property Institute, LLC is not engaged In the practice of law nor give legal advice. © The…

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What to do this weekend?

Italian fest on Harriet Island begins today.  I love, love, love italian food so i am very excited. I’m sure there is more to do then eat but that would be my top priotity.   How about you?

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Vikings game or Twins game?

Both the Vikings and the Twins are playing at the same time Sunday.  Which one are your going to watch? Or be at? I’m going with the Vikings, lets see if they can win their first home game!  Go…

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