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Keeping you home warm during cold winter days

Although this winter has been mild the last few days have reminded us yes it still will eventually get cold. long periods of frigid nights and daytime temperatures of single digit highs can greatly affect your home heating usage. Here are a few simple solutions to reduce having the furnace run consistently.

– Turn down your thermostat when not at home, many new programmable thermostats allow you to set the temperature lower while your away at work.

– Close off heat vents to rooms your not using and close those doors to eliminate heating unoccupied rooms.

– Make sure heat vents are not blocked by furniture, couches and dressers often block heat vents.

– If you have curtains use them to prevent drafts from leaking in around windows, then open them up during the day to let the warm sun through the windows.

– Turning off vent fans in the bathroom and kitchen when done keeps from pulling warm air out of your home.

– Setting your celling fan to blow air down will help circulate the air in the room.