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Why You Should Offer a Home Warranty {Home Selling Tips}

Providing a home warranty to potential buyers may cost you a little extra money when you sell, but it can be a great marketing tool when putting your house on the market. Here are a couple reasons we think offering a home warranty is a good idea when you list your house for sale:

Be Different

Offering a home warranty to potential buyers is a simple way to differentiate yourself from your competition. Other homes in your area may not offer such a guarantee so you will stand out from the crowd.

Peace of Mind

When people buy a house, one of the things they worry about is having to fix any unforeseen problems. Give your buyers peace of mind by offering a home warranty at closing. This will also help them from coming back to you when problems arise.

As your Realtors, we can work with you to secure a reputable company to provide a home warranty for your home. Contact us today if you are thinking about selling your home!

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