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Other Realtors & Your Home

When we list your house for sale, we don’t just put it on the MLS, stick a sign in the front yard and cross our fingers and hope you get an offer. We actively market your home on social media, with other Realtors and to oTwin Cities Realtorsur database.

Here are a few examples of how we work with other Realtors to get your house sold:

In & Out of Our Office

We don’t just let the Realtors in our office know about your listing. We also work with Realtors in other offices that we have built relationships with over the years to let them know about your listing. We network with many Realtors so that your home gets as much exposure as possible to potential buyers.


As mentioned in our previous post, we will include your listing in our LinkedIn posts. We are connected to many Realtors on LinkedIn and by posting your home on LinkedIn your home will be seen by Realtors and their potential buyers.

Showing Feedback

Whenever a Realtor shows your home, we request feedback from them and their buyers. We ask what they liked, didn’t like and what they thought about the price of your home. We take this feedback and use it to adjust our marketing strategy if necessary. We also quickly follow up with any Realtor whose buyer seemed particularly interested in your house.

Real estate isn’t a solo venture. We know that in order to successfully sell your home we must work with other Realtors to   not only negotiate a successful sale, but to market your home to their potential buyers. If you are interested in selling your home and want to work with a real estate team that has connections to hundreds of Twin Cities Realtors, then please give us a call today!


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