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Social Media & Your Home

Minnesota Social Media for your home

Minnesota Social Media for your homeSocial Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. is only going to continue to grow which is why as Realtors we feel it is a key component of marketing your home for sale. As Realtors, our goal is to maximize the amount of exposure your home receives from potential buyers. We look for other avenues other than just listing your home on the Minnesota MLS and we believe social media helps us do just that.

1. Large Network

When we add your listing to The Max Team Facebook page, The Max Team Twitter Page and our personal LinkedIn accounts, your listing is automatically seen by hundreds of people that may never have seen it otherwise. There is a possibility that one of our social networking friends knows someone that is looking for a house in your neighborhood and will pass the information onto someone they know. This is unlimited exposure and your listing could be seen hundreds and hundred of times!

2. Quick Action

A postcard mailing announcing that your home is on the market is good, but it isn’t quick. With social media your listing can be broadcast to hundreds of people in 10 minutes or less. Again, the potential for your listing to be seen by hundreds of people in a very quick time frame can’t be beat!

3. Business Network

In addition to having your listing broadcast to our social networking friends, your listing is also being broadcast among our professional network which gives your home even more exposure to potential buyers. Especially on LinkedIn, we are connected with many Realtors that will see your listing and bring in potential buyers

If you are looking for Realtors that are proficient in social media and will actively market your home via social media, then give us a call today! We work all marketing avenues to get your home sold!

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