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What Buyers are looking for in Woodbury, Stillwater, Lake Elmo & Cottage Grove, MN

Over the last several years there have been more homes on the market making it a buyer’s market in Woodbury, Stillwater, Lake Elmo and Cottage Grove. Because of this, buyers are pickier than ever before when it comes to deciding which house they are going to buy.  Here is a list of trends that buyers are looking for in homes for sale in Minnesota.

1. Long Term

Gone are the days of buyers moving every few years. Many buyers in Woodbury, Stillwater, Lake Elmo and Cottage Grove are buying houses with the mentality of “this is our last house, we are going to stay here forever.” Due to this thought, many buyers are looking at homes that will fit them as a newlyweds through raising a family to enjoying their golden years with the grandkids. They are looking for spaces that will accommodate all of those needs and they aren’t settling for less than perfect.

2. Open Spaces

Buyers today are looking for large spaces inside their homes that are good for entertaining as well as spending time together as a family. They aren’t looking for defined rooms such as a formal dining room or a living room. They want spaces that they can define for themselves, for example a dining room turned playroom while their kids are small and then back to a dining room once the kids are older. Now that buyers are staying in their homes longer they want the spaces to transition to fit each stage of their lives.

3. Location, Location, Location

We all know that the number one rule of real estate is location, location, location. This old saying still holds true today! These days with gas heading towards the $4 a gallon mark, buyers are looking to be closer to work, major freeways and retail spaces in Woodbury, Stillwater, Lake Elmo and Cottage Grove.  People don’t want to spend hours in the car or spend hundreds of dollars to get from point A to point B.

4. Bring in the Updates

People are busy and most people do not have the time or desire to renovate a house after moving in. Buyers in Woodbury, Stillwater, Lake Elmo and Cottage Grove are drawn to houses that have newer carpet, hardwood floors, kitchens, appliances, bathrooms and lighting fixtures. When buyers walk into an outdated house many times all they will see are the things they have to do to modernize the house. This can cause them to lose interest in the house because they don’t have the time or the money (or both) to spend updating a house.

What other trends do you see buyers looking for in houses in Woodbury, Stillwater, Lake Elmo and Cottage Grove?